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Freeridecamps - Dynastar test

Freeridecamps - Dynastar test

Insert: 16.04.2013
The test of Dynastar skis was in the most luxury European resort in St. Moritz, which is perfect for freeride. Especially mountain Corvatsch, where there is the legendary race Engadinsnow, whose final is on the north side of Mt. Corvatsch.

We were riding all around this area and always almost untouched faces right next to the slopes - compared to Engelberg or Hochfügen is on the Corvatsch very few freeriders. The last day our camp we rode down north wall of Mt. Corvatsch with group of campers. On the wall there was at least half a meter of fresh powder without a trace. It was really perfect ending of the Camp. Unfortunately, on the other end of the resort our friend and photographer Jakub got hurt. So this was not so nice dot behind our camp.

TheDynastar skis for the season 2013/14 changed especially designs.  New line Cham, which is on sale this winter, is basically dimensionally the same. We had on the testing Cham 87, 97, 107 and Dynastar Slicer (unfortunately we hadn´t widest powderski Cham 127, which would found their use on the Corvatsch.). All skis were in several lengths, so everybody could find the best. The distributor also borrowed us last year's Legend Pro Rider 105, which have continuation in model Aurelien Ducroz. In Dynastar understand that most freeriders needs turn effortlessly and this trend represents series of Cham. The most of freeriders, which are sponsored by Dynastar, riding racing World Series Freeride World Tour on the skis Cham. Some stayed with the model Aurelien Ducroz.


The Dynastar skis were tested by 13 riders in St. Moritz.

Cham 107

Side cut 137-107-122 mm radius 20 m

The skis turn easily and tip floats well over powder at slow speed. The speeds are easy oversteering and have little soft tip. The better rider should choose longer skis than the usual.


Cham 97

Side cut 133-97-113 mm radius 16 m

Good choice like the only skis for the nevyhraněného skier, which want to enjoy everything. The skis have soft tip like ski 107, less floating on the pow but nicely curving.


Cham 87

Side cut 127-87-103 mm radius 16 m

Even easier to turn on the slope and the ground, less performance skiers will be excited and delighted.

6th Sense Slicer

Side cut 132-98-122 mm radius 23 m

More park skis, on the slopes are very nice, but on the ground requires a very careful access to speed. In the speeds are a little unstable. Otherwise, they are playful, rotating skis, just hint of and skis are doing what you want.


Legend for rider 105

Side cut 132-105-122 mm radius 24 m

Although skis have a shorter length are relatively stable as deep snow as the slope. On the slopes are similar good as the skis for giant slalom. Excellent skis for performance skiers and for any snow.


Robin Kaleta:

I tried every models of the Cham, which we have had available. The main difference between them is in the width / buoyancy. The characters are very similar. Skis turn easily and thanks to the raised tip floating on powder , but the faster and more aggressive driving me seemed restless. This problem can be resolved by selecting longer skis. The Legend skis are relatively non-rotary, but very stable skis, which passes all and completely at ease.

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