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Avalanche Transceivers

Avalanche Transceivers

Insert: 05.11.2010
One of the basic equipment of freerider is avalanche transceiver, hereinafter referred as  "beeps", which allow us to identify the location of buried. Over the past few years, the technology has moved so much and because of that we are presenting overview of the current season (2010/2011).

The basic feature that every Beeps works is to switch between the positions of the search and screening. Standard position for riding is selected broadcasts. All Beep broadcast on 457 kHz, so you do not have to worry about compatibility of different types. In the past  Beeps divided between analog and digital, now you can buy with a few exceptions, a combination or just digital. The analog search engine only searches by using the signal strength due to strength of tone and diodes , work requires more exercise as opposed to digital. On digital Beeps is signal proceed by processor. It calculates the direction to the victim and  shows the distance. Differences between digital search engines are by no means exorbitant, so you could say that no matter what you buy. The newest are able to take  direct path to the victim (we do not move on the ellipse to the victim), can choose who you start search first, etc. In our selection starts oldest player on the market, it is Ortovox company.

Ortovox 3 +
Počet antén:  3
Maximální dosah: nad 41m
Váha: 200g with batteries
Baterie: 1x AA
Link: Orthovox 3+
Manual: 3+ (ENG,FR,IT,DE)

This innovation knows in which direction (position) are located, and sends most power to the direction  antenna. Thanks to these feature you will reache the signals much faster. Of course there is the possibility of switching off signal when you found buried, and continuing to the next victim without having to switch of the beacon. Very easy to navigate with one button on the front.

Ortovox S1
Počet antén: 3
Maximální dosah: nad 50m
Váha: 360g with batteries
Baterie: 3x AAA
Link: Orthovox S1
Manula: S1 (ENG,FR,IT,DE)

It has a LCD display and the design is in the style mobile phone. When is opened, automatically switches into search mode. Mark by cross in avalanche field on the screen, displays a number of buried and their relative position. Search is an arrow and a graphic display where you need to keep the dolls in the middle of the cross. The advantage is very fast and intuitive understanding of how to deal with the device. Displays max: 4 buried. As an additional feature is an emergency whistle, compass, temperature, etc.

Pieps DSP
Počet antén: 3
Baterie: 3x AAA
Vystup: Stereo Jack
Maximální dosah: 50m
Váha: 198g  without batteries
Link: Pieps DSP

As one of the first best search engines on the market that very well  locates the victim in great depth. Displays the number of burial, with the possibility of switching of signals above buried. Next is scan, which tells us, in which distances are covered in individual victims. The weaker and cheaper brother PIEPS Freeride I do not recommend it because of weak search capabilities. DSP  has type  Advanced, which is with the compass, temperature and other functions.

MAMMUT Pulse Barryvox
Počet antén: 3
Maximální dosah: 50m
Váha:  210g
Baterie: 3x AAA without batteries
Link: Pulse Barryvox
Manual: Pulse Barryvox (ENG

Very good beeps, which supports both analog and digital mode. Support of multiple burials, and switching between them. In burials of  more victims you can choose which victim search  first. Points from the closest to farrest buried. This type has a pulse monitor, so if you are looking for someone with the same Barryvox, you can determine whether the pulse and is allive. Personally I would not rely on this information, because you never know if beeps is placed on body or protector.

Počet antén: 3
Maximální dosah: 80m
Hmotnost: 220g without batteries
Manual: LINK (unavailable)

We have not tested these new beeps with the new parameters of quality and excellent range, electromagnetic compass, and new fast processor. It offers digital or analog mode, high resolution display. Arva line was developed in cooperation with the manufacturer Mammut Barryvox. Link also supports as Barryvox V-Link, which detects the position of victim.

Počet Antén: 3
Maximální dosah 40m
Hmotnost:  220g without batteries
Baterie: 4x AAA
Link:  ARVA Evo 3
Manual: Evo3 (EN,FR,IT,DE,SP)

Basic digital (analog does not support) search engine not to impress, but not disappoint. The display, although you can not see the arrow in the small detail changes, but the diodes. It requires training  to find more burieds. All this for a very good price. The higher price is then Arva 3Axes, which has both digital and analog mode + tags already found the victim.

To these search beacons I would add that there is not significant differences between them, and it always depends how you can handle it. The future of search engines it will take to new technologies, which in our sport have been used. It should be the thermal engine, which will seek warmth in a landslide and the supporting functions radar, which sends a signal to find layers of snow. Hopefully, for these new features we will not wait long.

Text: Mart&Dejv

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