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Tempting Fear

Tempting Fear

Andreas Fransson

Insert: 20.10.2013
Andreas Fransson is probably one the best extreme skiers of this generation. In the film Tempting fear, explores the place where fear overcomes all emotions, because death lurks at every misstep. You can see this film at this year's Tierra SNOW FILM FEST. Since POWDERLINE is a partner of the festival, in the following article we will introduce this picture to you.
Photo: Mike Douglas
Photo: Mike Douglas
Photo: Mike Douglas

Nice and tidy slopes are for some riders just not enough . Who will understand the meaning of freeskiing , does not want to have to go back . The best can compete in prestigious races such as the Freeride World Tour. It is still not of top skiing. The proverbial top of the summit is the discipline of extreme skiing , headed by Andreas Fransson.

"I'll never forget the feeling when I was feeling breking bones in my neck , " says Andreas at the very beginning of the film. What is going on in the minds of skiers riding faces that others can not climb ? This question will help you answer as shot by Andreas' diary written during the period between January 2011 and May 2012. " The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time "are not words of Andreas , but the quote from Mark Twain, however, suggests much about the meaning of life on the edge of death. The meaning of life Andreas Fransson .

What does Andreas interesting is its willingness to enter into life on the edge, into the mental space that few people have experienced . For the past three years Andreas made a number of first descents in various countries , fighting for his life after an accident that nearly killed him and became the most prominent skier at the epicenter of extreme skiing in Chamonix, France .

Film is divided into nine chapters that describe various topics from Andreas' life. After twenty-five minutes, the audience , of course, offered a large amount of unbeliavable ski sequences from different parts of the world , but the core of the film itself is not skiing , but rather look at the world through skiing and extreme slopes .

When watching a chapter Mortality Andreas remembers his friend who was killed in one of the daring descents . "Many of our young friends left and we said that it might turn to us . But we never quite did not allow these ideas to heart, were too scary . We both thought that I'll go first . I left, but now I came back , "says Andreas .

Viewer's anxiety was quickly disperse Lyngenských footage of the Alps in northern Norway, where the native Swede managed during a single trip to take six unique first descents in the countryside , where the white slopes contrast with the blue sea .

Although Andreas is established in the heart of extreme skiing Chamonix , is by far not limited to the slopes of the Alps and native Lapland. Proof of this chapter as the target , in which the spectator approximation, which involves first descent of the highest mountains of Alaska's Denali ( Mount McKinley ) . " Seracs , crack , ice , rocks, unstable snow, " says Andreas and despite all the dangers lurking on top of the world : " Life can not be more 'cool ' , than this . "

Tierra SNOW FILM FEST brings the best films from the last season of winter environment . The festival takes place in more than 140 cities of the Czech Republic and 40 in Slovakia. In many cities you can enjoy a rich accompanying program . Detailed information about the films and screening sites to find . We thank the partners who allow the festival in so many cities, especially brands Tierra , Marmot, Loap , Rock Point, Devold and Petzl , then Switzerland and winter resort of Les Menuries .

Prepared by : Martin Skuhravý and Catherine Karlová

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