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The Snow Film fest

The Snow Film fest

Insert: 19.10.2014
The traditional autumn festival covers the best films with a winter theme again includes films that were in the previous year valued at the most prestigious international outdoor film festivals.

The traditional autumn festival of the best films with a winter theme again includes films that were in the previous year valued at the most prestigious international film festivals. Selected films will love every lover of snow, ice and winter sports in general. The screenings will be within two months at 200 locations in the Czech and Slovak.

From late October to early December SNOW FILM FEST will be held from Tachova after the big Kapusany in large cities and in smaller rural cinemas. Great Prague premiere will take place at Horizons Festival on Sunday 2 November at 16 hours at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University.

"When preparing the program I was intrigued by the spectacular nature footage and freeride skiing in the movie Supervention" attracts festival director Kate Karlová the quarter hour montage of the best long-prepared Norwegian film in which the main character, among others. Downhill ski jumps from the bridge for jumping. "But most looking forward to people's reactions to the new film by Pavol Barabas", mentions away from the famous film explorer Slovak director whose films at the festival SNOW FILM FEST Expedition Camera or appear for the first time. Explorer is a portrait of Peter Velušiaka, which with slight exaggeration home, nobody knows, but in the world of polar expeditions his name is very familiar, because he participated in many significant polar expeditions in foreign teams.

High Tension film from the famous director Peter Mortimer responds to the current problem with commercial expeditions to the world's highest mountain, Mt Everest. The basic plot of the film was perhaps all the world's media. Well-known European mountain climbers Ueli Steck and Simone Moro were attacked in the wall of Everest Nepalese Sherpa! Kate Head, organizer of the Prague premiere of a festival Horizons approaching the plot and situation on a busy normal ascent route: "Can not take it completely one-sided relationship with the local mountaineering expeditions Sherpa has long strained, Sherpas are doing the most dangerous work and their rewards do not match. To a certain extent it was a matter of time before something happens. "

Arslanbob is the name of a mountain region in Kyrgyzstan, where locals newly built mountain tourist center. Trying to start winter tourism is the only chance to work during the harsh winter. Bonus film Vaya a la Cumbre tells about a dream skiers have its own ski resort and the problems in the operation of complex El Arpa freeride in Chile. Both films are processed so similar theme, but the South American and Central Asian approach gives an interesting comparison.

In the bonus section of the festival, whose choice depends on the particular organizer at the point of screening, including a short film visually perfect Icefall on the night ice climbing, powder feast in British Columbia and Alaska in the film From A to K and back again, especially Huevo Czech film about ski mountaineering expedition in Peru, within which the slurry Ski Team managed slyžovat šestitisícových several peaks.

The  you find that screening takes place closest to your home.

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