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Jasna Adrenalin 2015

Jasna Adrenalin 2015

FWQ 4* at Jasna

Insert: 17.02.2015
It is hard to believe that it has been 13 years since we started to compete in freeriding on the North face of magic mountain Chopok. But this came true just this year. And I believe it is going to be epic! So do not miss this event and come to see the best freeriders.

Like last seven seasons and in 2014 with the financial support of the general partner of CGC you will be able to see the world's best freeriders at Chopok again. Freeriding terrain in Jasna has a long history, as well as race Jasna Adrenalin event. Jasna resort provided support for this event since 2002, when a group of freeride fans decided to organize the first race.

We are doing this successfully to this day, when we start the 13th year. CGC Jasna Adrenalin 2015, part of a series of Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) with the highest rating 4 **** (four maximum possible!). This assessment means that we will be able to see the clear part of the world freeride tip, so you will not shortage of attractive adrenaline ride.

There are 4 categories namely men ski, women ski, snowboard men, women snowboard. Registration for the race is only possible through official FWQ: HERE . The maximum number of riders is limited due to time constraints to 80. The race will be on Friday morning 27.2. since the morning. Next day until Monday, 2.3. must be in accordance with the rules of FWQ reserved for a case of bad weather, so it is possible that the results will be, for example, known on Monday. We are optimistic and hope that everything will be fine and will happen on Friday. Friday evening is already reserved for everyones after party.

Start the next top station Funitel. Will ride in northern couloirs of Chopok towards Lukova valley as usual. For all necessary information and news, visit the Facebook event page. Information about  Jasna visit: Our organizational Adrenaline team, would like to invite you to all the  freeriders.


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