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Insert: 21.12.2012
Winter already showed its  strong side and is coming very quickly. We are having the best beggining of the season here in Engelberg past last 20 years. We did not have this amout of snow during the best day of the last season. Every day we have so much powder and every turn is basicly going over our head.

Well enough of provocations. The most important thing is that the snow will stay in here and we will have some more snowfalls during the seson. We have a reason to be optimisti in thi way because the prognose for this season is realy good due to meeting glaciers on the Antarctica. It sounds nice but some of my friends doubt that is does not matter if there will be not enough snow. Important is that i tis snowing now.

Well in my opinion is the right killer of our winter a regular warm thaw. And whats worse not even only one. If it did not come it would be nough snow during the whole season. It enough to have 20cm of new powder per week and we would be quite happy. This would also push us to explore more terrains further from resorts. Which is the only way now because the rising amount of freeriders coming to mountains. 

In the hiking part of freeride there is already al lot of quite good equipment. If you do not want any compromises you have a lot to choose from. For example Hoji (Erik Hjorleifson) got connected with Dynafit and made a ultralight and stiff boots. We are also waiting for a new ultralight and stiff hiking binding which will have a big competitors in Guardia and Duke. So I have decided to test couple of hiking boots and share my opinion with you during the season reviews.

There will be couple of change for this years camps. The probably most important on eis that we will test skis for season 2013/2014. So this means what you wull see on the ISPO we will test for you this season. We will not bore you with long test but there will be a video edit from testing.

We hope you will stay with your favour and If you had any idea how to improve our camps we would be grateful for any of your ideas.
Author: Robin Kaleta 




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