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Forest Skis

Forest Skis

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Insert: 22.09.2015
Some time ago we were lucky and heard about new exciting new project called Forest Skis. So we took the opportunity and would like to introduce a bit more about this new project made up by two Slovakian brothers who simply love to ski!

Brothers from Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia - Jakub and Viktor Devečkovci have been dedicated to Freeriding since their childhood. Their passion did not stop when they went to study at the technical universities. Viktor went to VUT Brno, Czech Republic and Jakub went to TUM Munich, Germany. With the knowledge from the technical schools guys have decided to get into the project that was unique in their region.

They embarked at the research of skis, designed shapes and studied composite materials. Also, thanks to the education from the Technical University of Munich, where Jakub studies the composite materials such as carbon, glass and Kevlar fibers, resins, processing, strength calculations and ergonomics in the automotive industry, boys could begin their journey. Jakub was a technical leader of the team that works at the University on the development of ecological car, which has won this year's Shell Eco - Marathon in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the most prestigious competition. With this background, the high-tech materials they use can compete with the world leaders.

Viktor is devoted mainly to the development in Forest Skis shapes, wood cores, processing, adjusting of production, control and overall organisation. The shape of the skis has undergone a complicated development, where they tried to deviate from current trends of the skis with the high tapered tip and the wedge tail that falls under the snow. Easy to ride, but does not supply any support for the rider and the skis are unbalanced. They developed skis with wider tail, but thanks to a great stabilising radius skis switch easily from carving into a gliding turn and vice versa. This allows absolute control over the speed and direction.

The usage of the material is also interesting. Skis have a unique asymmetric composite structure, which is based on Ash - Aspen core. The core is coated with Carbon, Glass, Kevlar and Dyneema fiber. Carbon makes ski aggressive and ensures the perfect transfer of power to the edge. The Glass fiber gives skis a longer lifespan and makes them more enjoyable for riding experience. Kevlar Aramid fiber absorbs extreme ski deflections and vibrations.

Dyneema is a ballistic fiber especially difficult to handle and use, but the team from Forest Skis has managed to tame it. This fiber is placed under the base in ski construction and is able to protect the core from the stones that could damage the core and Carbon construction and improves vibration absorbing in skis.

The speed of the skis is very essential, therefore, they use the racing graphite ski base. Snowboard edges that are embedded deeper than the standard ski edges, guarantee a decent grip. The wooden topsheet is like a cherry on the cake and everyone can choose it according to his/her style during the order.

One of the other attractions of this brand is the customization of skis. This is a unique way of adjusting driving performance of skis by adjusting the shape of the tail. The shape of the tail has a major impact on ski behaving, because the tail of ski is active at the end of the turn, where is the highest congestion and feel of the riding runs through the entire body. This way everyone can choose what he/she wants for their skiing experience. Each tail provides different riding feature.

Swallowtail is agile and stable, suitable for riding in the woods for short turns.

Alpin tail is designed for those who love the classic straight lines and at the same time want to have a decent foothold in the tail.

Fin tail is a raised tail which provides speed and is designed for those who tend to mount the bindings more in the middle due to ski balance.

Twintip is a classical raised tail that will delight the lovers of rotations and riding on the switch.

The brand is currently for two years on the market and looks forward to the third season, but it will be its seventh year of development now. You can find three basic models of skis in the Forest Skis portfolio.

All-Mountain:    Frost - playful ski with the short radius and 90 mm under foot ideal for the most varied conditions, suitable also for touring. It is the best for bumpy slopes and sharp, aggressive turns.

Freeride:    Perun - purebred Freeride ski with 116 mm underfoot, designed to support the rider in all conditions which riders could face in cuoloirs, long steep snow fields and forests.

Big-mountain:    Orkan - the latest addition to the family. Ski with 120 mm underfoot and length from 190 to 198 cm, designed for real big mountain lines, deep snow and strong riders.

Please find more information HERE and on the Facebook HERE.

For orders please visit by clicking HERE, when you put a password to the notes in the order - POWDERLINE.EU, you will get the skis for pre-order prices (you safe 150EUR)!!!

Author:  Kika Jamrichová

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