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Few Days freeride film - Sweden

Few Days freeride film - Sweden

Czech freeride film

Insert: 30.11.2014
The story that captures people with a passion. With a passion for the same sport, but with a different approach to do it. At the same time also shows the reverse face of freeriding and the power of nature. This is mainly about the weather, which was last season in Europe. There was a force of water, which may seem as fluffy snowflakes totally harmless.
Photo: Jakub Frey
Photo: Jakub Frey
Photo: Jakub Frey
For our part of document, after a short discussion we chose the Swedish mountains near Kiruna. One of the main reasons was that there I'm working as heliguide for second season in a few weekends and therefore I little know surrounding mountains and I am able to guide the helicopter where we need.

The whole decision about leaving was as usually quite tense. Due to the limited time availability of Ondra we needed to make the most of each day of stay and not worth to go there on a bad weather. I admit that deciding moments for me are the bane of my life. Maybe it's because I hesitate. In addition, when through local experience is most of the decisions for me, it's purgatory. However, in action I usually make the decisions very quickly and intuitively.

So three days before departure we call each other until an ultimate decision is made - Sunday departure. Suddenly, tickets are purchased and it is up to us what the current conditions Squeeze. This feeling of finality I like and function well.

We leave with Pedro and Galas two days earlier to prepare everything and look forward to the arrival of the king. The first night at the airport in Stockholm is pretty funny - we spend it in the children corner scattered in houses of hobbits. Quite looking forward to a nap. However, already at 4 am starting to buzz around the little bastards who are not enough to look into the house, to understand that they can not play there now. They're leadeth mother, father, sister etc., so sleep is fucked.

After leaving the airport in Kiruna, we got the reserved car and rode 60 km west to the village named Nikkaluokta. A magical place with a church, several Nordic red farmhouses and no signal.

We are almost at the foot of the highest mountain Kebnekaise Swedish. From us to the north, west and south are the wildest Swedish mountains, on which run tousends of reindeers. Soon they will give birth to cubs, because it's half of May. Winter goes away slowly, but due to the fact that we are very far above the Arctic Circle, it will still take some time.

The advantage is that now the sun goes down only about 2 hours and then what happens, it certainly can not be called darkness and we greatly improves the chances of obtaining a sufficient amount of shots. Although for Ondra is it in a helicopter for the first time, there are no signs of fear or perhaps respect. After I saw him in powder on our freeride camp, I'm not surprised. Sometimes he was telling us that he wanted more skiing, but filming is not much more about the preparation and reflection, than about riding. Pay the entire helicopter just for two people is no fun and it puts on me great internal demands for efficiency.

Slowly goining through the necessary shots and although we probably all promised little better conditions on which it could be something to show off. We leaving finally satisfied. I think for all of us it was a very interesting experience to us and it little bit moved us. Well, exclusively in men society with very limited supplies of alcohol, it was also very interesting evenings (if I can say - days, because we drifted the days by the weather, so we skied at 21:00 or 6:00).

Thanks to the great team - Pedro, Galas, Bany and our pilot Goran, who flew with us whenever we wanted. :-)

Autor: Robin Kaleta

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