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Season in Zillertal valley

Season in Zillertal valley

when there is no way home

Insert: 04.06.2013
Our regular editor Kuba Novotny has sent another article from his powder journeys. This time Kuba spent a season in Zillertal valley with his friends. So enjoy the following article.

This year's season has ended, skis went into the basement or under the bed and we have to look forward to the next one. And so it is time to look back as well.

All winter from late December to late March, we (me and Věra) were lucky enough to spend in the Zillertal Arena. We got a job as a ski instructors at a school in Finkenberg. We have received both red uniforms and accommodation with seasonal skipasses for free. And we went to teach skiing .... for we even got paid, and especially got the opportunity to spend every day on the hill in bog mountains and ski as we wanted to ski (well, if we just we not teaching).

Zillertal Arena is quite a large resort with impressive vertical drop from 630 m to 3250 m.n.m. , Which promises a solid portion of terrains for freeride. This season, was nit as regards the amount of snow - a record one, but it was snowing quite a lot and often. It was therefore possible to constantly find the untouched lines, and if we went beyond the boundaries the whole mountains were just ours.

Beginning of the season was a bit challenging, in addition we had to dig out our German language skills. Becasue if zou got lost with clients you should at least told them thet we would need to hike a bit more than was initially planned :))  (though I can not say that this was managed at 100%) .

Taxes for it's great popularity, and when he attacks, you need to have a little get up early if a person does not want to ride in a plowed field. Despite this, it is a beautiful hill.

And if we hiked a little bit farther from the ski lifts and slopes, we had the entire Alpine playground just for ourselves and to share it just only with chamois. That's a well known thing, eh?

Zillertal Arena is definitely a place where you can spend many seasons, and indeed the entire year. Hintertux glacier in Austria is probably one from a few that is open 365 days a year. So this is a place where no season ends.
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Author: Kuba Novotný


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