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Ymli Alien review

Ymli Alien review

Insert: 01.05.2013
This year we had a chance to test another pair of skis from Czech ski brand called Ymli. We have spent about 10 days by testing this skis and this article will intoduce and illustrate aspects and behaviour of Alien skis. The whole ski porfolio can be seen at
Photo: Petr Lyčka, Rider: Jirka Zelinka
Photo: Petr Lyčka, Rider: Jirka Zelinka
Photo: Petr Lyčka, Rider: Jirka Zelinka

How does it see Jirka Zelinka:

After last season I spent riding Ymli Dug, I decided that I this season could get something less "killing". So I picked up  the Ymli Allien. From the point of view seemed to be more comfortable and easier to control.  Well also that I will not have to "work hard" on them. Because I will tell you frankly that behind the computer in the office, I did not get much riding skills during the winter. So If I got some tough killer skis it would probably be a suicide or at least very painful experience.

First touch, of course, led to the slopes, just for a small test. If I compare their behavior with Ymli Dug, I can say that it is just leisure time with them. When I pressed them to turn I could make even nice "carving" on the slope. Of course they're not "giant slalom skis" and so at long fast passages I had a hard time to manage them. Nothing less when you do not ride just over 100 km/h it is fine.

After this quick test we had a huuge snowfall at our home resort called Pustevny. Well I took them on a trip into the woods. This is the place to ride on Alien. A lot of deep powder turns, some faster passages betwen trees, but no wilderness. I managed to drown them under snow several times. Nothing less I heard that for the season 2013/2014 will be sold under the name Revolt and will be improved in this regard . So in my opinion, probably bigger rocker and a wider tip.

After a couple of days in our Moravian woods we visited with Jirka Zagura and Peter Lyčka, Austrian Carinthia. Just to ride some higher and steeper faces. Well, Aliens have not lost even in big  moutain riding . Even though here again I would appreciate a little more torsional stiffness at speed. But given the fact that my legs were not in perfect shape, rather I slowed down and did not let go full throttle directly into the couloirs. So in two days I had a really good chance to ride and jump some nice cliffs on them. I was pleasantly surprised by their behavior after the landing a cliff. No waving and shaking. Overall, this is definitely a good choice for a more than reasonable price.

How does it see Luděk Šmerda:

  These interesting skis I came across by chance when I discuss them Jirka Zelinka somewhere in a pub. I've seen them them a few times during surfing the Internet, but I I did not know what to think about them. He told me that Zag sucks, and I should throw them from the window. And he was right. In comparison with Alien there are basically better snowshoes! So I threw them out and decided to support the boys from North of Moravia and took 179 cm long version. That Aliens are not just ordinary skis, I was able to convince a few days later in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first day we caught very bad conditions on slopes with huuuge fog. I must admit that Aliens are not definitely determined for such a slopes. I actually felt that I will brake them against the tree and get back to the great and most easily rotating Zag. Given the 24m radius behave almost as old straight skis. I quickly reminded what it had been hard work on my old Zag.

Next day we had a nice snowfall and I jump to my first line a bit worried about result. But it was like when you meet a child's dream. Skis were cutting show as accurately as I thought and I was worried if it's even possible. The following line by've tried it a little bit more load, and they still had listened to my instructions perfectly in fast long lines. I was forced to pass a few parts over a piste, and when I layed down into a curve in speed, aliens were holding a track just perfectly. Well they are not slalom skis, but let's say that we can ride the ordinary slopes with them. Generaly I have had a feeling of stability and I moved myself on higher level.


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