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Line skis with Robin Kaleta

Line skis with Robin Kaleta

powder and powder

Insert: 01.03.2013
Robin Kaleta was testing skis in Swiss resort Engelberg on his freeridecamp. Check out the test and also very nice photos from Jakub Frey. We have a full gallery from Jakub so make sure you will not miss the photo gallery as well!!, Photo: Jakub Frey, Photo: Jakub Frey, Photo: Jakub Frey, Photo: Jakub Frey, Photo: Jakub Frey

The first three weeks of this year's freeride camps were held again in our favorite Engelberg and  in the Klondike. If last year was a great when it comes to snow in Switzerland, I do not know how to judge this year. It's just one step further. It started before Christmas when I was probably the first time in my life thinking about the use a snorkel for skiing. Since then, the snow just kept growing. Sometimes it made me angry. Something you can make a nice line on the face. After that you go home with the feeling of a well done job and in the morning you will find that you have to do it all over again .... To make some evidence just see a selection of black and white photos from Jakub.

Probably something like that for this year's Engelberg. The first three weeks of our camps, we tested the skis made by iconic American brand Line, where the development is largely supported by a legend Eric Pollard. For testing we had mostly models for season 13/14, which have just been presented at the ISPO and are not yet on sale. And how does the skis for next year look and behave on the snow?

Line model lines have several major changes: Influence of a series of this year's 105 in width and 115mm under the boot has remained for the next year only those wider one. At the same time added a whole range Sick day - powderski in widths of 125, 110 and 95. For our camp we had those two wider. Remain unchanged Pollard Opus and Sir Francis Bacon, as well as Prophet 98.

Texts of our tests are based on the comments of our readers and are little bit modified. We were able to better characterize the properties of skis, we created five categories, which we think freeride skis will characterize the best. It is 1 stability - generally in any type of snow, 2. rotation - generally in any type of snow, 3 versatility - for all off-piste, 4 powder - nerozježděný and 5 slope - nice fresh piste without moguls. Within each of these categories skis we evaluate by points 1 to 10 (the more the better).

Video HERE

So here are the test results:

Sir Francis Bacon

Dimensions 140-108-136 mm radius 17.7 m

This year, clearly the most popular Line. Very manageable, softer, more playful, more versatile than the Influence, with the rider does not practice, give a sense of security. Good in powder snow and rutted, or on the ski slopes were not bad. Speed is generally worse on these skis.

Video   HERE


Dimensions 144-18-141 mm, radius 17.2 m

They are soft, playful, great in powder, but a bit unstable. On the ice, not much, super on the ski slopes. Well deploy wider arc and are more for a short arc.

Video  HERE

Sick Day 125

Dimensions 150-125-137 mm, radius 20.6 m

The powder is super, beautifully float by themselves braking the snow. Tip is not diving under the snow, slightly curve, but you need to have a speed. Good for a rugged terrain  - nicely hold, but harder to control. On the piste, not so much to say.

Video   HERE

Sick Day 110

Dimensions 142-110-125mm, radius 18.1 m

Rotating in difficult conditions, but difficult to balance, sagittal unstable.

Video   HERE


Dimensions 145-115-131 mm, radius 21 m

Excellent in powder and broken, on the slopes too forgone, are designed more for speed - stable, tougher, more aggressive, but harder for someone to use.

Video   HERE

Prophet 98

Dimensions of 132-98-123 mm, radius 17.2 m

Super on the ski slopes, in the freeride are not fine.

Video HERE

Robin Kaleta:

Most of all, I was looking forward to the 125mm Sick day since Line has removed from portfolio Line Prophet 130. I was just missing some proper powderski. It this matter Sick Day 125 met my expectations perfectly. At high speeds, and any snow  I stick with Line Influence. Sir Francis Bacon, however, are so universal that I touch them so happy whenever I'm going for just a normal ride.

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