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Scott testing on

Scott testing on

Insert: 02.04.2013
Our fourth and the last week in Engelberg we had  the best snow, but together with the worst visibility. It was almost cloudy and snowing always. So we moved in Laub mostly (the most popular freeride at Titlis – 1000m elevation and nice visibility even total bad light conditions) and forests and meadows at Brunni.

This week was testing of  Scott skis besides others things on our program. Scott company has a very wide scope of products from skis to clothing, running equipment, moto to cycling. Freeride and all mountain skis Scott has a long history and changed many professional riders. Theirs models on season 2013/2014 brings several important changes. This models of powder specials Stunt and Megadozer replacing Scrapper – wide skis with significant rocker and longer radius. The Punisher and Pure are staying almost unchanged. There are new skis in the light skialp segment but without carbon – Rock air, which we had chance to test.

VIDEO and the review of every single ski:


Size: at the length of 180 cm center 122mm, radius 3D surface 0.46 m 2

Are perfect in the powder, relatively easy to turn, the rutted still good too, but on the slope are worse controllable because of  width. The skis tolerate more speed than Punisher, are more stable but need more power and they are less playful…

Video HERE

Size: length 188 cm at the center of 104mm, radius 23, the surface of 0.43 m 2

They need speed to the controllable, in the powder are difficult, but stable. They don´t forgive mistakes. On the slope they works good.


Size: 183 cm in length 137/105/127mm, radius 21m, 0.42 m 2 surface, weight / 1 skis 1710 g

The skialp skis, which don´t offend freerider.  With speed rapidly decreases their stability. They are good on the slope or into a shallow snow. In deeper snow biting.


Size: length 189 cm at the center of 94 mm, radius 16m, 0.40 m 2 surface

Excellent downhill skis, which well to ride on the ground. For the powder they missing necessary buoyancy and can´t ride fast on them.  Like universal skis for occasional visitor by free ground are good.

Robin Kaleta:
Scott Pure are very universal big mounatin skis, which are good on slope and they were my favorite skis. Now I would choose the Scrapper. They are very wide maybe, but amazingly universal in rutted snow. Every ways they are much better then his predecessors. In the worse conditions I chose Pure maybe, although Punisher suprised me nice in many ways.



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