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Fischer test

Fischer test

Insert: 21.04.2013
Our last camp in Zillertal resort - Hochfügen was focused on hiking (Earn your turn). For us – coaches, it was the best things, which we enjoyed most of all. Thanks to hiking we've opened the possibilities on which we have long waited for.

Although we had two snowfalla, terrains which are nearby the slopes were quickly found by others. If we wanted to ride fresh lines, hiking was the only way. We had resolutions every year on our hiking camp to ride something new. And this year we were successful almost every day. The advantage for us – freeriders it is that although a lot skialpinists is hiking on the same top as you, those interesting lines they are avoiding. It´s freerider´s dream.

This week was on program test of the Fischer skis. The one of the reason was, that this Fisher company came to the market with several new types of hiking bindings. They equipped us with this binding and  we could make some Skialpinism / freeride trips. Freeride models from Fisher had a few changes since last year. Their specific tip ofin the shape of keel so-called Powder Hull is the past and it's definitely a change for the better. Also returned series of Big Stix, which now represents twintip big mountain skis next to series of Watea. We had the chance to test the very light touring skis adapted for freeride - Discovery and Motive 86, which is representative of all mountain skis.


Fisher Skis were this time tested by 11 riders. How it went?

Big Stix 110

Size 139-110-124 mm, radius 24 m

They are designed for powder to which they have perfectly designed tip. They are very playfull, but because of its width a little less universal.  Seemed to us, that they are few stiff in torsion and maybe a little soft.  In the rutted snow were a little worse than Wate 106. Weight was relatively favorable for hiking.


Big Stix 98 (model 2012/13)

Size 130-98-122 mm, radius 21 m

His playfulness acted almost like freestyle skis, but they are relatively stable.  Raised foot didn´t allow aggressive transition between turns. It´s perfect universal ski.


Watea 106

Size: 138-106-124 mm, radius 24 m

Excellent ski in powder thanks to its width, which haven´t any significant weakness. They are harder to handle, so you will need shorter length than usual. But they are very stable. Greatly leading track and are suitable to faster ride and longer turns. Wate 106 aren´t universal, they profiling significantly to freeriding.


Watea 96

Size 132-96-120 mm, radius 22 m

Universal skis, which are good on slope and terrain, thanks to the top nice rides in powder, but I am missing width. In any terrain holds, but the shorter turns are too stable and too stiff.


Watea 88

Size 128-88-115mm, 19 m radius

Those skis are suitable for slope. Thanks to its rocker top but they can also pretty good floating in powder. In the rutted snow incised by.



Size: 125-92-110mm, 23 m radius

Amazingly light skis, which are very easy to operate. They are good for riding on the prepared slope, in the inequalities and terrain they are less stable. Thanks to their wide they usable and in powder.


Motive 86

Size 128-86-116 mm, radius 17 m

They slope skis, which are very good in terrain thanks to its stability. In any rutted snow they are very good. For powder usage are missing wide tip and front rocker.


Robin Kaleta:

For a great interest of campers, I unfortunately culd not test the most interesting freeride weapon from FISCHER, but from what I've tried, I can calmly say that leaving the Powder Hull was a good move. Skiing has lost none of its stability, which we attributed Powder Hull and vice versa are now far more maneuverable. Only Big Stix 98 - relatively narrow skis - they were great in the field as well as a bit of surprise and Motive 86. In addition, Fischer made in fairly large leap in design, making models for next year will delight an eye of freerider ...
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