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Report from TELEFILM premiere

Report from TELEFILM premiere

TELEfilm rulezz in Prague

Insert: 27.11.2012
More than two hundread fans for telemark skiing got together for the premiere of Czech telemark film - TELEfilm. In the following article you can check how it was and what you missed. So enjoy.

The evening begun with play on uke by a likeable young singer Marcela Brožová. After that came the moderator of the evening on the skis. He just slide down the stairs and the evening could begin. He just brielfy appologized to the audience for being late because of the not well prepared slope on the Main train station :)

„The idea came up at he end of the year 2010 when I had to begin my diploma thessis. But so many ideas came up and after two years we manage to get here. We came with the full 50 minutes long "document" about the telemark skiing". That is what Michael Turek said about the beginning of the film. Michael Turek made a script of the movie, rode a skis in the movie and also was a bit of director with Tomáš Mähring. Riders who are riding in the film will introduce their attitude to the free heel riding and also will give some tips and tricks for beginers as well as for good riders. „ I was a bit worried at the beginning but I hope that we achieved the goal of this movie and create a funny and functional document. There are a lot of jokes and ideas which you will not forget for sure  ;-)“, saying Tomáš Mähring, who was standing behind the lense and made a edit of the movie.

After the introduction of the film the introduction of all TELEteam members took place. There was Michal Turek, Anička Kašparová, Radim „Bruno“ Nevrlý, Štěpán Pobuda, Michal Alexa and probably the most skilled rider– Kamil Dostál, who has more that 20 starts on World Tekemark championship. We of course cannot forget to – Igor Faltus, who took care abbout graphics and animation and Jakub Mica, who made up a perceft sound at his studio. After this we sent greetings to all our sponsors. I have to say that thanks for cooperation with there will be a English version of the film with subtitels so the film will go out the the Europian festivals.

After the end of a screening there was a huge applause for the TELEfilm authors and athletes. The audience was awarded for the applause by a tombola with the gifts from sponsors. Where the biggest were two pairs of skis. After that there was a group discussion at a near pub which took place almost to morning. 

One day later a Slovak premiere took place at the Horalfest 2012 at the Tatranská  Lomnice in the High Tatras mountains.

And where you actually can see the film? There is a list of places and events on the official web page of the project  . You can laso get a DVD with TELEfilm for free if zou buy a Tshirt from special TELEmark edition done in cooperation with Hannah. We are still dealing with the TV and other medias so stay tuned for more info about the future screenings.

We are proud that we can count Sonim as our sponsor - producer of outdoor mobile phones. Also company which is a reseller of headcams Drift. We have also used Drift for TELEfilm. Lusti company and Alpsport aslo sponsored TELEfilm, Without them we could not realize such a good project. Alpsport is also a main distributor of Scarpa for the Czech republic. Scarpa became our general partner –

So lets wait for snowfall and hurray for the telemark. Skol!

Text: H2Omaniaks production

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